Finally Woodshop Simplicity …POSI-SET® Install DISPOZ-A- BLADE in seconds with ESTA’S POSI-SET® knife setting system. You will make easy, accurate DISPOZ-A-BLADE changes every time. (Sets from the bottom of the knifepocket)

POSI-SET® Upgrade the cutter head in your  planer, jointer and molder to instantly and accurately set DISPOZ-A-BLADE without special skills, set-up jigs, jack screws or costly specialized heads. Take full advantage of DISPOZ-A-BLADE. Replace troublesome push springs, setting bars and jackscrews with POSI-SET® supports for true “Drop and Lock” knife installation.

Nicked knives that are still sharp can now be easily side shifted in opposite directions to eliminate lines in the planed wood surface and to greatly extend the usable life of each knife. With POSI-SET® you have all the advantages of index tooling at a fraction of the cost. POSI-SET® + DISPOZ-A-BLADE = planer knives anyone can change! Click Here To View Photos of Measuring for Posi-Set Planer Knives ANYONE Can Change at a price ANYONE Can Afford!

“Thousands sold because they work”