DISPOZ-A-BLADE – Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will Dispoz-A-Blade fit my planer/jointer?
Dispoz-A-Blade’s SELF-SET or POSI-SET will fit nearly every make, model and size planer or jointer with a conventional round head that uses solid flat knives in lengths from 2.3″ to 36″. It works properly in machines built in the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America & Asia. We also offer direct replacement knives for Felder, Kitty, Maffel, Holzer and Inca.

2. How do I set the Dispoz-A-Blade knives in my machine?
Whether using SELF-SET or POSI-SET knife supports installing knives is as easy as sliding the knife and holder into the knife pocket of your machine’s cutterhead until it is firmly seated and then tightening the gib bolts. No special skills or tools are required.

3. Is it really as easy to install as you say?

It is! Anyone who can turn a wrench can have perfectly set knives in their jointer & planer in a matter of minutes.

4. Do I need to measure anything to place an order for SELF-SET?

Normally you will not need to measure anything. However if you do, we will give you simple and clear instructions on how to do it.

5. What do I need to know to order SELF-SET for my planer or jointer?

You need to provide us with the machine make, model number, knife length, & number of knives in the cutterhead. Then simply call us toll free at 800-557-8092 with that information and we will send you the correct start-up kit.

6. How do I prevent my knives from lifting up when I tighten the gib locking bars?
You are experiencing torque lift. Lightly press down on the knife while tightening the gibs. Start with the bolts in the center of the gib and work outward in an alternating pattern. Remember not to over tighten the gib bolts.

7. Are your disposable knives better than conventional knives that are re-sharpened
Yes. Our double edge knives are made from the highest quality German tool steel. Since you never regrind our knives you always have a cutting edge that is factory ground on a multi-stage grinding machine. Our knife grinding insures that with each and every knife change you use a precise cutting edge that consistently provides optimum performance and durability.

8. Are your disposable knives more economical to use than conventional knives?

Yes. In most locations the cost of quality sharpening standard knives is greater than the cost of the factory ground edges of our Dispoz-a-Blade knives. You never have to buy multiple sets of standard knives to have in circulation between you and the grinding shop. But more importantly your savings in set-up time and aggravation is priceless.

9. How long will the knives last?
There are many variables that effect the longevity of a planer knife. One of the most common causes of knife-edge failure is abrasion from impregnated grit. Be careful when storing and handling lumber not to contact dirty surfaces. All things being equal, the Dispoz-a-Blade knife will last as long as any other quality knife. Too many times your existing knives are in need of changing but time is short and it just is too much hassle to do it. WE WLL MAKE CHANGING YOUR KNIVES QUICK FOOLPROOF AND SIMPLE. You will no longer have to dread changing your machines’ knives.

10. What are Kobalt Knives and when should I use them instead of HSS?
Kobalt Dispoz-a-blade knives are made from a high Tungsten alloy that is best suited for dense hardwoods and abrasive exotics. Most commercial cabinet shops run our Kobalt knives because of their increased longevity and ability to handle heat more efficiently than HSS.

11. Why can’t I get a good finish even though I have Dispoz-A-Blade in my machine?
98% of performance problems are directly related to the knife protrusion above the circumference of the cutterhead. By using SELF-SET or POSI-SET knife supports, you can have repeatable setting accuracy with every knife change. Another factor greatly affecting finish quality is capacity of the dust collection system. There must be enough suction to provide immediate chip removal to prevent chips from re-circulating around the head.

12. How do I get Tech Support?

We encourage you to call, Fax, or e-mail any question you may have to our Technical Support Department. Our staff has over 30 years of real world wood products manufacturing experience involving the daily operation of Planers, Jointers and Molders.

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